No pressure or hard sales here. We already know that we’re offering the best booths, picture quality, and services at a great price; and we want you to be confident with your choice too. Here a few of the most common questions we’ve been asked. If you don’t see your question here, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer. We may even add your question to our FAQs page.


What’s a video booth?

All of our booths include a video booth upgrade. Instead of choosing color or B&W photos on our touchscreen monitor. your guests can simply press the “record video” button. They can the record a 5-30 sec. video wishing congratulations, singing, dancing, we’ve seen it all!! We have a bulit in microphone, and with the monitor they can see the video they are recording for you.

Can we record video and take pictures?

Of course!! Simply choose between color or B&W photos, or “record video” right on the touchscreen.

My DJ, photographer, banquet hall, limo driver… said they can include a photo booth in their package. Why souldn’t I just use theirs?

While it may seem like a convenience to have one vendor to handle multiple duties at your event, many times they are professionals who”also have” a photo booth. They may have gotten a booth to increase their sales or income, but if this isn’t the main area of their business they aren’t willing to spend the extra money to get a quality booth. Many times these companies shop around for an inexpensive booth just to be able to add it to their other services. What if their booth breaks? Do they have a backup? Does anyone in the company know how to handle any technical issues with the booth during your event? Would you want a DJ to also design your centerpieces or bake your cake?

Okay, then do you offer any other services?

No. You deserve the best for your event. Instead of trying to get you to spend all of your money only with us, we are happy to provide you with the highest quality video/photo booths and service and let other professionals handle their specialties. If you like the convenience of one vendor, we offer complimentary Concierge Service. Choose from our list of highly reviewed professionals for all of your other event needs. We’ll coordinate the details, bundle any deposits, communicate with you, and handle any other details and scheduling for your event. This gives you the best of both worlds. The highest quality professionals and equipment and the convenience of one vendor. Check out our Friends of PHLASH page for more information.

I saw a Groupon, Amazon Local, or other deal. I can’t miss out on that deal!

There’s a reason the same one or two companies are on these daily deals every other month while none of the highly reviewed companies are on there. They want to get you buy their deal, and then once you see what’s not included, they assume you’ll either buy their upgrades or lose your deposit. Many of these companies need the cash now!! If your booking for your event months away there’s a good chance they might not still be around.

I was shocked when I was researching new video booth features and saw what one company that sells photo booths was promoting. I cut the name of the company out but I didn’t change anything else from their website:

Now…. many years ago Mike and I started our photo booth rental company with no experience, no money, and… No photo booth.

We booked 28 events in 3 days. Here’s how. It’s almost too simple. We put up a Groupon.

“2 hour event for $499.”

Once a client booked a rental, we up-sold extra hours for $175 an hour and scrap booking service for $100. That way we got more people to make the initial jump and we split less money with Groupon.

(Groupon takes half of the discounted rate!) Bottom line we raised $14,537 in 3 days.

Then we scrambled like crazy to get our photo booths                         

Now anyone can do this. If you’re interested in learning more about the awesome way we did it…

Send us an email or give us a call. We’d love to discuss getting you into the photo booth industry and how we’ve been making over $50,000 with our booths.

We’ve gotten many calls to come out to an event last minute b/c another company didn’t show up or their booth wasn’t working,    Is your event really worth the risk??

You say your packages are all inclusive.  But I would have to pay more for props, the dvd, or the green screen right?

NO! One thing I always hated was hearing one price from a company I really liked that sounded great, but then I find out I have to pay extra for all of the things that made me like the company in the first place. We’re proud to show off the best booths available. If it doesn’t cost us anything not to use these features, why should we charge you extra to use them?

Can you censor the pictures?

Of course! For your album or dvd, let us know if you want us to censor any pictures and we’re happy to oblige. If we’re uploading the pics to FB for you, we let your guests know we’re uploading them and if they don’t want their picture uploaded, we won’t post it. We also check every picture before we post them, and use our judgement to not post any pictures that someone wouldn’t want posted of themselves.

What are my choices for the green screen backgrounds?

Your options are nearly endless. If you have a high quality digital picture of something or somewhere, we can use it for a background. Reunion? How about a picture in front of the school, logo, or mascot. Corporate event? We can use your corporate logo, headquarters, or even a Hollywood Step & Repeat backdrop. Weddings? We can take your theme to the next level, or choose the place you first met, first kiss or shorehouse, or fireworks, tropical theme, etc.

Whatever your vision for your event, contact us and we’ll come up with ideas you’ll love!!

Everyone offers a DVD. What do you mean by custom?

With us, you give us any 7-10 songs you want and we put together a custom DVD, complete with menu page, scene selections, animations, etc. of all of the pictures and videos taken during the event, with the soundtrack you’ve chosen palying. We also upload the video to a private YouTube page and give you the link to share with your friends & family. Contact us and we’ll give you a link to one of our videos from a past wedding to show you the difference.

What is your open booth?

We can set up our photo booth tower, with all of the same features and options without the booth. If you’re having your event outside or you love the decor in  a spot in your reception hall we can use the natural background as the background for the pictures. This is also an excellent choice for events where space is very limited.

Will someone be there during my event?

Yes, depending on size and type of event, you’ll have 1-3 PHLASH Hosts to help with the scrapbook, keep props neat & organized, and answer any questions. And since all we offer is photo/ video booths you’ll know every host is a professional, not someone who is hosting an event for the first time.

How much do I need for a deposit?

We don’t want anyone to have to settle for lesser quality because of price. We have very flexible deposit & payment options.  We accept cash, check, or any major credit card. We can work with you to set up multiple deposits, and even offer you the option to pay the balance up to 14 days after your event. If your on a budget for your wedding and are going to use the gift money to pay for it, or if your selling tickets to an event or fundraiser, this can be a great feature for you. Contact us for more details.

Company X says they also have a 10 person booth with the best quality pictures. Is there a difference?

Yes, we are the only company to offer to send you sample pictures to compare and check out another company’s 10 person booth on our features page.

I’m still not sure. Do you have any guarantee?

Yes! In our rental agreement we guarantee 95% uptime. The only reason I say 95% instead of 100% is we may have to switch out paper and ribbon or change backgrounds. Will another company guarantee you this?